40% Reduction in Noise Output by BoldVu® Gen 17 LCD Based Display Product Solutions

Alpharetta, GA – Manufacturing Resources International, Inc. (MRI), is thrilled to announce a significant reduction of noise in our next Generation BoldVu® Products. This has been achieved while reducing power consumption and component temperatures, translating to longer product life and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Remarkably, this has been accomplished while also elevating visual performance to new levels with more vibrant, saturated colors and improved image contrast while maintaining BoldVu’s incredible viewing angle.

This latest generation BoldVu® incorporates a significantly updated CoolVu® thermal management system that features a remarkable -7 dBA or 40% reduction in audible noise from our previous generations. Much of this noise reduction is achieved at the higher, more annoying frequencies. So not only is BoldVu® now significantly quieter, but produces a more pleasant, less irritating sound.

MRI’s President and Founder, Bill Dunn, stated, “Our team’s tireless efforts have led to a next generation product that sets new industry standards. We are pleased to offer a product that not only meets the needs of our customers, but also addresses the pressing issue of noise pollution in public settings, while at the same time consuming less energy and providing the most vibrant image quality we have ever achieved. The reduction in noise levels, while improving performance in all other areas, is a testament to MRI’s dedication to delivering the highest quality BoldVu® product solutions. MRI invested nearly 3-years in a cycle of development, testing, and quality assurance before bringing these innovative designs to completion. The next generation of BoldVu® products has undergone rigorous testing, to ensure reliability, durability, and consistency. As a result, customers can trust that this new generation of BoldVu® will deliver top-grade performance and dependability.”

Noise pollution in public settings has been a persistent issue, affecting peoples’ well-being and the surrounding environment. The quiet, soothing operation of BoldVu® ensures compliance with local ordinances, all while increasing display image “pop”, product reliability/lifespan, and lowering power consumption.

Among the quietest available outdoor display products worldwide, BoldVu® now operates at typical daytime noise levels of < 60 dBa, with nighttime levels averaging under 45 dBa. As a comparison, normal conversation is usually measured in the 60-70 dBa range, while suburban areas at night, free of traffic or wind, usually measure in the 40-45 dBa range.

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About BoldVu®

BoldVu® is a turnkey outdoor digital display product built to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. Components are IP66 sealed, making them fully protected from water and dust intrusion. The chassis is cooled and comes with an IK10 impact-resistant cover glass protecting the LCD. BoldVu® is shipped to site fully configured, along with everything required to connect primary power and data communications efficiently and economically. This includes the AC circuit breaker, line filter, surge/lightning arrestor, liquid tight junction box, and liquid tight Ethernet or fiber connectors, if required. Once BoldVu® is bolted in place, power is connected, and data communication is established, the deployment is virtually complete.