We talk a lot about the need for outdoor displays to be built for operating in harsh environments. Generally we’re referring to the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, wet weather, dirty air, and the expected wear and tear of anything placed in highly trafficked public spaces. So that’s what we do. We build our displays to coast through all of these environmental hazards and continue to do so effectively for 10 years. But every once in a while we’re surprised with a report that really highlights how rugged and resilient our displays can be.

Recently in London, just a few blocks from Buckingham Palace, a driver lost control of their vehicle and plowed over one of the many bus shelters dotting the city sidewalks. That bus shelter happened to be outfitted with one of our 72” BoldVu® LCD displays. While the display was indeed bowled over with the rest of the bus shelter, true to form it kept on displaying content without any trouble at all. Of course our monitoring center received an immediate report of the incident as the display called home with the simple message, “ouch”.

The display came out of the accident with hardly a scratch and dutifully resumed its responsibilities in a new home. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the poor bus shelter.