Atlanta, GA – Across the board, the latest generation of BoldVu® products now feature a 20% increase in color space/color saturation resulting in more vivid reds and greens compared to earlier generations of BoldVu® products.

The latest Gen 17 design platform dramatically improves color saturation, color space, color volume, and image contrast over previous BoldVu® generations, now reproducing over 102% of the NTSC color gamut. This is achieved by:

  • Utilizing new mini-LEDs within the backlight system with more spectrally pure red and green phosphors specifically tuned to the color filters in the latest LCD cells.
  • Increasing the overall LED count.
  • Increasing the direct backlit LED block count.

MRI’s President and Founder, Bill Dunn pointing to the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (H-K) effect, “where the intense saturation of spectral hues can increase the color’s perceived brightness. By gaining red and green saturation in today’s product, we can trick the eye into seeing a brighter image.”

All these changes accumulate into noticeably improved color contrast, while also reducing power consumption. Reduced power consumption then translates to reduced cooling requirements, lower noise, reduced carbon footprint, and a longer product life.

About BoldVu® by MRI

BoldVu® is a turnkey outdoor digital display product built to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. Components are IP66 sealed, making them fully protected from water and dust intrusion. The chassis is cooled, contains no air filters, requires zero periodic servicing, and comes with an IK10 impact-resistant, Anti-Reflective (AR) coated cover glass protecting the LCD. BoldVu® is shipped to site fully configured, along with everything required to connect primary power and data communications efficiently and economically. This includes the AC circuit breaker, line filter, surge/lightning arrestor, liquid tight junction box, and liquid tight Ethernet or fiber connectors, if required. Once BoldVu® is bolted in place, power is connected, and data communication is established, the deployment is essentially complete.


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