LG-MRI, the proven market leader in outdoor LCD displays for media and advertising, has revealed its Generation 10 BoldVu® outdoor display.  Available in sizes: 55”, 75”, 86”and 98”, the new BoldVu® has been optimized to boost operating luminance to 3500 nits, in the real world environment, without any loss in image quality or luminance over its 10-year performance life.

“This is a huge leap in display technology,” stated Bill Dunn, Chairman of LG-MRI. “For many years we have been the only manufacturer capable of producing a display that achieves and maintains 2500 nit luminance in an outdoor environment for the entire life of the display.  Now at 3500 nits, the next nearest competitive product is only half as bright and cannot even approach our 10-year performance life.”

At 3500 nits, the new generation BoldVu® produces 40% more contrast and 10% more color saturation than its predecessor.

In an outdoor environment, the luminance from the display is competing against the reflected ambient light off the cover glass and front of the LCD.  “Our new AG/AR technology dramatically reduces reflected ambient light, which when combined with the significant increase in display luminance, boosts contrast and color saturation, making visuals on the display that much bolder,” explained Dunn.  Color saturation is further enhanced, while power is significantly reduced, through the use of the next generation LCD color filters, combined with the latest technology in LED color saturation and efficacy.

To address the topic over power consumption with a brighter display, MRI Vice President of Engineering, Dave Williams detailed, “our ultra-high definition (UHD) 75” BoldVu® achieves 3500 nits using only 13.5 amps peak at 120VAC when new in a 25°C ambient environment, and 17 amps at 50°C after 10 years of aging.  By comparison our previous generation full high definition (FHD) BoldVu® 72” at 2500 nits used 15 amps at 25°C and 17.5 amps at 50°C after 10-years of aging.”

All this to say, the new BoldVu® consumes less power at 3500 nits than the previous generation did at 2500 nits, with no increase in unit price.  Williams further emphasized, “Our displays were far and away the most power efficient in the market, now they are significantly brighter and even more power efficient.”  Over a 10 year period, a BoldVu® compared to the nearest competitive product amounts to an approximate 50% savings in power consumption, all the while producing image quality that is twice as bright and bold.