SmartVu® Service

We’ll take care of your displays, so you don’t have to.

When issues occur that may disrupt business continuity, network operators are under intense pressure to reach a resolution as quickly as possible. SmartVu® Service facilitates resolution of critical display issues through advanced display monitoring, expert technical assistance, and flexible hardware coverage.

BoldVu® displays covered with SmartVu® Service are eligible for our industry-leading 10 year visual performance guarantee.

Technical support available around the clock.

MRI retains a global staff of technical support experts that know the BoldVu® architecture, inside and out. Video stopped playing? IP addresses need re-configuring? No matter where you are in the world, friendly and knowledgeable support reps are just a phone call or email away.

Parts, where and when you need them.

On the rare occasion a part fails, the SmartVu® parts exchange program ensures a suitable replacement is at the ready. Simply engage our service team and we’ll see to it that a replacement part is shipped to you.

Firmware updates. Improving performance.

BoldVu® displays are continually being developed with new features and optimized for performance and longevity. As firmware updates are available, SmartVu® Warranty, Gold and Platinum Service Levels will see that their displays are updated to the latest release without any manual intervention or unscheduled downtime.

SmartVu® Portal. Your window into display performance.

Take the guesswork out of hardware health and performance with SmartVu® Portal, a secure, cloud-based remote management tool that provide visibility into the status of BoldVu® displays. Use StatusVu® for monitoring and managing individual displays, or receive a powerful suite of tools with SmartVu® Portal to manage your entire network of BoldVu® displays from a single web interface.


Individual asset management

SmartVu® Portal

Multi-asset management

Monitoring and Managed Services. We got this.

Part of all the SmartVu® service levels, Monitoring and Managed Services employs NOC engineers to proactively keep a pulse on display health, monitor incidents, open and manage support tickets, and reach issue resolution – all on your behalf.

Get the white glove treatment with onsite field service.

Included at the SmartVu® Platinum service level, onsite field services ensures that fieldwork is performed efficiently and in a manner that keeps warranty coverage intact. From parts replacement to modular upgrades – leave hardware service to the trained professionals.

SmartVu® Service Levels

Standard Warranty SmartVu®
Full coverage during the SLA term (2-10 years). All Manufacturer’s Defects Covered.
Installed Firmware Updates
Professionally administered by our NOC Technicians.
Customer Portal

Enables accessing and monitoring of the entire display
network from one central webpage


Provides immediate and automatic alerts of the 12 most critical operational problems being monitored locally.

Technical Support (phone/email)

(Excludes recognized holidays and office/facility closures) 

(Atlanta) M-F, 8am- 4pm

(London) M-F, 9am- 5pm

(Sydney) M-F, 9am- 5pm


24 / 7 / 364


24 / 7 / 364

Replacement Parts**

Replacement Parts will be shipped to Buyer in advance of having received the faulty part (Gold and Platinum Only). Within 10 days of receiving Replacement Part, Buyer will ship faulty part to Seller. If faulty part is not returned within the 10-day window, cost of Replacement Part plus shipping expense will be reimbursed by Buyer. Free Standard Shipping both ways (shipments within USA only)

Manufacturer’s warranty parts only. Buyer responsible for shipping both ways

Within TWO (2) Business Days after issue diagnosed

Within ONE (1) Business Day after issue diagnosed

Proactive Monitoring & Managed Services

Preemptively monitor displays, proactively alert Customers of any potential problems, provide active voice and email support, with remote issue resolution or if required, personalized support.


Personalized Alerts, Sensor Graphs, Advertisement Visuals,
Business Intelligence Reporting.

Personalized Training

In-Person training session during build time at our manufacturing facility. Customer’s Team trained on servicing BoldVu® displays, use of the SmartVu® Portal, and SmartVu® Support Center.

On-Site Field Services***

Professionally administered by MRI or authorized service
organizations & technicians (in accordance with the BoldVu® Owner’s
Technical Manual).


Services managed by others must be performed in accordance with the BoldVu® Owner’s Technical Manual.
Platinum Level Customers are not to perform any on-site service without prior authorization.

Notwithstanding anything set forth herein to the contrary:

*SmartVu Platinum® – availability may be limited due to quantity of Covered Product within the market and/or the location of installation sites (e.g. international markets, rural areas with limited accessibility, etc.). 

**Response Time for Replacement Parts is representative of Support Tickets placed prior to 1:00 PM EST Monday through Friday in major metropolitan areas and while Seller will make reasonable efforts to obtain replacement parts as quickly as possible, the response times may vary in cities outside of major metropolitan areas and rural areas due to the lack of availability of replacement parts from any local supplier and the time necessary to receive the replacement parts from a non-local distributor or manufacturer, including without limitation, time necessary for parts to clear customs and/or time necessary to comply with any other import or export requirements. Seller disclaims any liability hereunder arising from any such delays. 

***Response Time for Replacement Parts that require Buyer-specific configuring prior to shipment (e.g. media players) may vary, depending on the complexity of the configuration and receipt of necessary data and other information from Buyer. Seller shall provide an estimated response time upon Buyer’s request.    

***Response Time for Onsite Field Services may vary due to Covered Product’s location (major metropolitan vs rural), Seller’s receipt of replacement parts, and availability of technicians. Seller disclaims any liability arising from any delays in Response Time arising from the lack of availability of replacement parts from any local supplier, the time necessary to receive the replacement parts from a non-local distributor or manufacturer (including without limitation, time necessary to clear customs or comply with any other import or export requirements), lack of availability of qualified local technicians or additional time reasonably necessary to travel to access any Covered Product outside of a major metropolitan area.  Support Tickets opened for Onsite Field Services will be scheduled in the same order of their receipt unless logistics dictate otherwise.

Above terms subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your sales representative for the latest product information and SLA terms and conditions.

†Excludes Christmas Day, December 25th and other recognized holidays, along with any office or facility closures.

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