MARTA set out to retrofit 10 existing bus shelters to accept LG-MRI exterior rated hi-bright single-faced 72-inch LCD displays. These digital bus shelters are situated at highly trafficked locations in Atlanta that are visible to vehicles and pedestrians.


Outfront Media was trying to maximize opportunities with these displays. The digital forum allows for maximum flexibility to advertisers for dayparting, content changes and last-minute buys.


Coordinated efforts were made with LG-MRI to develop a display cabinet that would cleanly integrate the LCD module and the static ad-copy for the outside shelter face. In addition, that display cabinet had to allow for service and maintenance, provide protection from vandalism and stand up to the rigors of the environment. Primary electrical feeds needed to be trenched to each location providing the required electrical service.


Through the coordinated efforts with the design team at LG-MRI, along with the assistance of Tolar Manufacturing in Corona, CA (the original manufacturer/supplier for the bus shelters), the ad cabinet was fabricated, provisioned and well-integrated into the bus shelter. As the ad cabinet is the first element of the installation, Transit Shelter Builders needed to remove the bus shelter and then re-install it after the ad cabinet was installed. Transit Shelter Builders coordinated with local utilites to coordinate and provision the electrical feed.


By all accounts, all parties are pleased with the integration of these digital bus shelters. Outfront Media has seen an increase in ad sales at these displays. The advertisers are also pleased with the dynamic options now available to place their ad content. MARTA is pleased that the bus shelters provide state-of-the-art technology with the hopes and anticipation of further digital development within its system.

Image and Editorial Credit to Digital Signage Connection.