Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable Philosophy

From the beginning days of MRI in 2004, we have had an EcoVu® philosophy. Everything in our products and processes are looked at not only from a product performance, longevity, reliability standpoint, but also as being as environmentally friendly as possible in production, deployment, operation, and eventual end of life disposal.

BoldVu® products have a proven, fielded up time of greater than 99% with a true 10+ year full visual performance life.

BoldVu® products have the fewest truck rolls in the industry for: a) service; or b) product refresh/replacement saving tremendously on fuel consumption, tire ware residue, brake ware residue, and other environmental pollutants. There is no periodic maintenance needed or air filters required.


Less Power Consumption

With the same image size and brightness, BoldVu® typically consumes 30-50% less power than the competitive outdoor display.

Our new, 16th-Generation design is even more efficient, achieving a 15% reduction in unit power consumption from previous BoldVu® products and remains the lowest power consumption in the industry.


Previous Generation BoldVu®

Current 16TH Generation BoldVu®


Less Light Pollution

In addition to dynamic dimming throughout the 24-hr day, BoldVu® intelligent displays adjust brightness based on seasonal patterns and current weather conditions. Limiting light pollution is of increasing importance as we learn the impacts it has on our health and environment.


Less Noise Pollution

The 16th Generation BoldVu® fan design not only consumes less power, but produces less noise.

Our fan noise measured an 18 dBa reduction (that’s 8x less) in Sound Pressure Level (SPL) from previous BoldVu® products.

Previous Generation
16th Generation BoldVu®

Today’s BoldVu® products typically produce < 62 dBa SPL during the day and < 45 dBa SPL at night.


Zero Air Filter Waste

A key component of our multi-Patent CoolVu® technology is the closed loop fan system used for cooling electronics. This design comes with a great benefit: no consumable air filters. That also means no periodic maintenance service calls and the least amount of truck visits in the industry.


At BoldVu, we adhere to a Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) compliance.

RoHS version 3 directive is a restriction of 10 hazardous substances including lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and phthalates. BoldVu products are evaluated through a third party for continued compliance. REACh involves the safety and traceability of chemicals in the supply chain; our compliance is conducted by a third party evaluation through Assent Compliance for Registration. The full list of restricted chemicals can be found here.

Proven 10-year Performance

Longer lasting BoldVu® products exceed the standard ‘tv-in-a-box’ solution plaguing the Digital out of Home industry. With a longevity 2-3 times the typical outdoor display, our products produce less e-waste and have higher end-of-life recyclability.

Vertical Integration

With the benefit of vertical integration, we can specify each raw material and part that comes into our facility, as well as 100% of the processes to manufacture the product. Improvements are made on our terms and vetted without detriment to product quality.

Powder Coating

All BoldVu® painted surfaces are powder coated. Unlike traditional liquid paint processes, powder coating is safer for the workforce and environment. Powders do not involve evaporative solvents or airborne pollutants, such as VOCs. The liquid paints that do offer low – to no -VOC content do not provide the same durability and fade resistance that electrostatic powder coating offers. BoldVu® products do not use any liquid process paints.

Water Use

Closed-loop, in-house recycled water processing on: CNC waterjet, glass edging, powder coat paint processing.


Aluminum and stainless steel metal scraps are weighed, traced, and forwarded to local recycling plants.

All cardboard is compacted and sent to local recycle facility.

BoldVu® displays are dynamically controlled with patented, fully integrated hardware. Each display uses only the amount of power it needs given the current circumstances. The result is optimal, industry leading low power consumption resulting in less fan noise, less light pollution, and less wasted energy. For a given display size and brightness, BoldVu® consumes 50% to 70% of the electrical energy of the nearest competitor.