Atlanta, GA – BoldVu® by MRI, known for its best-in-class outdoor LCD solutions, recently unveiled its 17th Generation product line and with it, significant improvements relative  to power efficiency. BoldVu® focuses on delivering all weather, turnkey, long-lasting outdoor displays and this latest product design platform will significantly save businesses and cities on annual power consumption.

The Gen 17 BoldVu® products feature newly designed power supply units (PSUs) that convert electricity from AC to DC more efficiently. Before, PSUs were around 80-83% efficient when powered from 120Vac circuits. Now, they’re up to 90% efficient at that input voltage and even better, with typically  > 93% efficiency when powered from higher voltage sources (> 208Vac). This improvement translates to less energy wasted, which is great for both carbon footprint and electricity budgets.

Additionally, the Gen 17 BoldVu® products feature higher efficiency mini-LEDs within the backlight system. Compared to previous models with an efficacy range of 110-120 Lumens/Watt, the new LEDs boast an efficacy ranging from 130 to 170 L/W. This improvement is achieved using more spectrally pure LEDs and a higher block count on the dynamically dimmed backlight array. The result is a noticeable enhancement in color volume, saturation (> 102% of the NTSC color gamut), image contrast, and black levels, contributing to an overall superior image quality. Plus, the improved color saturation is perceived as increased brightness to the human eye without additional power consumption.

All these improvements add up to serious benefits for our customers. With less energy being wasted, businesses can expect lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental impact. The BoldVu® displays run cooler and quieter, reducing nuisance heat and noise, which then also prolongs the life of the product.

But that’s not all – BoldVu® has also made it easier to power their Gen 17 products. While previous generation of products could only be powered by circuits up to 240Vac, the new Gen 17 design platform can handle a wider range of voltages (from 120Vac to 277Vac). This means fewer compatibility issues and more placement opportunities.

“We’re excited to introduce our Gen 17 products, which bring significant improvements in both energy efficiency and overall performance,” said Doug Bennett, VP of Engineering at BoldVu®. “With these advancements, we’re continuing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that’s both sustainable and cost-effective.”

The release of BoldVu® Gen 17 products marks a conscious step forward in outdoor digital display technology, reinforcing BoldVu® by MRI’s reputation as a leader in the outdoor LCD display market.

About BoldVu by MRI

BoldVu® is a turnkey outdoor digital display system solution built to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. Components are IP66 sealed, making them fully protected from water and dust intrusion. The chassis is cooled, contains no air filters, requires zero periodic servicing, and comes with an IK10 impact-resistant Anti-Reflective (AR) coated cover glass protecting the LCD. BoldVu® is shipped to site fully configured, along with everything required to connect primary power and data communications efficiently and economically. This includes the AC circuit breaker, line filter, surge/lightning arrestor, liquid tight junction box, and liquid tight Ethernet or fiber connectors, if required. Once BoldVu® is bolted in place, power is connected, and data communication is established, the deployment is virtually complete.