Everyone understands that when your business relies on a piece of machinery or some technology to generate revenue, taking care of that asset is an important investment. It’s generally easier and less expensive to take care of some capital equipment along the way than to scrap it and put in a replacement.

At LG-MRI, we’ve made display maintenance very simple. Because we have intelligent monitoring and logging of every operating parameter inside the display, we don’t need to open the cabinet during periodic maintenance. In reality, nothing inside the display even needs to be maintained. Instead, the only thing you’ll want to do on an as needed basis is:

  1. Clear the air intake and exhaust vents of any debris that may be blocking air flow
  2. Clean the cover glass
  3. Clean the display frame

And that’s it. There are no filters to change, no drains to empty, and no hardware components to backup or reboot. Maintaining an LG-MRI display essentially boils down to cleaning surfaces.

Imagine having to change air filters every 3 months over a network of 250 displays throughout a city. Think about fuel costs, filter costs, labor costs – and the fact that you have to open each of those displays to maintain them. How much could you save not having to do all of that?