Connecting Communities with BoldVu®

BoldVu® Smart Point

Engagement. Connectivity. Insights. 

BoldVu® is a technically proven and commercially successful fixture deployed in more than 250 cities across the globe. Beyond displaying transit schedules, maps, public messaging, and advertisements, BoldVu® houses environmental sensors, wireless gateways, edge compute resources, and cellular radios to extend its impact beyond the boundaries of the screen.

Providing an effective means for visual communication, wireless connectivity, and edge computing, BoldVu® is a foundational digital infrastructure solution for cities and communities looking to leverage the tremendous value of IoT and data insights.

Smart Cities

Transforming street furniture into connected and intelligent infrastructure. 

Smart cities and communities are built around the needs of their residents. They focus on developing digital infrastructure that enables greater operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, public safety, mobility, and community engagement, while at the same time providing commercial value to the partners and developers that have an interest in the success of these solutions.

Street furniture and roadway fixtures provide an incredible opportunity for building smarter and more connected communities. BoldVu® displays attach to bus shelters, light poles, buildings, subway entries, and to the sidewalk.

Mixed-Use Communities

Mixed-use communities are micro-cities unto themselves, a mix of businesses, restaurants, shops, parks, and housing filled with residents, visitors, and business professionals. Wayfinding kiosks help visitors find their destination, create greater awareness of events, book tickets and reservations, all the while providing an excellent opportunity for brands to reach consumers near the point of purchase.

Transit Stations

Digital displays provide arrival/departure times, service alerts, and route planning functions to transit ridership. They also present a tremendous opportunity for brand owners and media buyers to reach captive and repeat audiences with highly-targeted messaging, factoring in dimensions like location, weather, and time of day to deliver content that is both timely and contextually relevant.

Stadiums & Arenas

With scores of events held year round, drawing in crowds by the tens of thousands, stadiums and arenas are prime locations for sponsored media. Digital displays placed along walking paths, in parking lots, and at the venue entrances are in eye-line of nearly every single visitor. Exclusive and dynamic offers featured on displays inform visitors of special opportunities to elevate their venue experience.

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