Engaging Signage for Mixed-Use Developments

The City Within a City

Much in the same way cities are developing smart digital kiosk networks to connect & modernize urban infrastructure, so too are mixed-use developments leveraging the IoT to promote visitor engagement and elevate the guest experience in their own “city within a city.”

Leaders in place-based digital advertising networks across mixed-used developments leverage BoldVu® display technology for variety of uses.

Use Case #1

Brand Engagement

Brands are using interactive campaigns to do things like super-impose a photo of a user into a movie poster. Kiosks offer a unique opportunity to create a positive impression with a personal touch.

Use Case #2


Especially for users unfamiliar with their surroundings, interactive wayfinding with points of interest and maps integration have high utility and are a core use case for informational kiosks.

Use Case #3

Real Time Information and Events

Kiosks can be connected to a variety of applications to display things like weather, news, movie times, transit schedules, and other time sensitive information, just to make things easier and more convenient.

Use Case #4

Alerts and Emergency Services

Streamline dissemination of emergency information and allow users to reach out for help when it is needed most. With location-aware kiosks, every moment spared is worth it.


Bringing the IoT to Life Across Next-Century Communities

BoldVu® can be the IoT hub of modern mixed-use developments, focused on delivering value across three core functions: 1) Visual engagement; 2) Connectivity; and 3) Data processing and insights. A multi-functional, converged digital infrastructure endpoint, BoldVu® can be an edge data center hidden in plain sight. With more than 14 years of history across 200 cities and more than 25,000 deployed endpoints, BoldVu® is a highly mature and proven technology platform for building smarter, more connected communities.