The BoldVu® Difference

BoldVu® Means Brilliant

Numerous innovations combine to give BoldVu® its unsurpassed 3500 Nit image brightness and clarity in outdoor spaces. From an obsessively engineered optical stack to its autonomous image optimization software, BoldVu® is serious about making digital content pop.


BoldVu® displays are engineered with a high-efficiency LED backlight designed to maintain up to 3500 Nits of luminance for 10 years, twice the industry norm. They appear beautifully bright in any outdoor environment, even in direct sunlight and ensure high contrast and color saturation from every viewing angle.


BoldVu® displays analyze ambient illumination and weather info and combine it with data from each frame of a media file to optimize the brightness, gamma, and black level of the digital screen. This ensures vibrant colors and high contrast no matter when or where the display is viewed.


BoldVu® displays perform real-time analysis of every video frame of content to dynamically and autonomously attenuate and amplify each LED block’s luminance, up to 120 times per second. This feature boosts image contrast, makes colors pop, reduces backlight power and heat generation, and extends LED backlight life.

BoldVu® Means Enduring

Placing high-tech anything in an unprotected environment presents real challenges that are not always entirely predictable. To survive these random, and some not so random, events, BoldVu® is designed with multiple features that ensure product resiliency.


CoolVu® is a multi-patented thermal management system that helps BoldVu® maintain peak performance in environments between -40° C ~ + 50° C (-40°F ~ +122°F), even in direct sunlight. It also ensures all electronic components remain completely isolated from ambient air or environmental contaminants. All of this without air filters, air conditioners, or coolants.


LifeVu® is MRI’s design methodology where sustained, on-spec performance is the target. BoldVu® displays are built to perform for 10 years, or more, in their installed environment and maintain their high level of performance over that entire span of time. This extended lifetime helps reduce electronic waste experienced with lesser products that need frequent replacement.

BoldVu® Means Automatic

BoldVu® is a sophisticated IoT endpoint with more than 150+ self-monitored data points that are continually processed, translated into insights, and securely transmitted to a remote cloud and accessible via the SmartVu® Portal. This wealth of display health information paired with robust remote management tools provides high-confidence in the performance and longevity of BoldVu®.


BoldVu® displays are highly sophisticated and intelligent with numerous sensors that provide constant feedback to the display controller for optimizing performance. With built-in connectivity and an IoT architecture, 150+ BoldVu® performance data points are easily viewed via secure internet connection in the StatusVu® display management portal that comes standard with all BoldVu® products.

AmpVu®, VoltVu®, WattVu®

BoldVu® displays perform real-time power monitoring, constantly adjusting operational settings based on available input power and voltage. They also provide current, historical, and predictive figures for kWh consumption for each digital face. With this data in hand you can understand operating costs and make better decisions about display settings, and avoid unintentionally tripping circuit breakers.

BoldVu® Means Versatile

BoldVu® is purpose-engineered for outdoor environments and is designed to accommodate unique and specific requirements. Integrate a wide variety of components within the BoldVu® electronic chassis and take advantage of a future-proof architecture with field replaceable and swappable components.

BoldVu® Chassis

BoldVu® displays are built on a thermally controlled, environmentally sealed, and reliably powered electronics chassis capable of housing devices that extend impact beyond the edge of the screen. Imagine the applications that could be enabled with connectivity and compute resources available right at the network edge – analytics, security, content delivery –  that’s the value of BoldVu®.

SAM® – Service Access Module

Nearly every component in a BoldVu® is field replaceable. Installed on quick release mounting plates with captive hardware, media players, modems, or core display electronics like power supplies and circuit boards, can quickly and easily be replaced without removing the display from its installed position. With keyed access and upward hinging display assemblies, field service is easy and non-disruptive, even on busy sidewalks.

BoldVu® Means Turnkey

BoldVu® and the MRI team are uniquely capable of integrating, deploying, monitoring, and managing digital signage solutions in outdoor spaces. With BoldVu® you gain access to several high value pre-deployment offerings:


ReadyVu® is a unique pre-deployment service where end-to-end configuration is completed at the production factory before a unit ships. With network connectivity, media playback, touchscreen functions, and software services tested and verified prior to shipment, job site installation and commissioning is dramatically streamlined – saving hours of labor and potentially thousands of dollars.


EcoVu® is MRI’s design commitment to deliver unsurpassed visual performance on the least amount of power, all while maintaining compliance and certifications for CE Class A, REACH, RoHS, and DRC Conflict Free. BoldVu® displays use zero air filters, coolants/refrigerants, Mercury, Cadmium, mild or galvanized steel, and no lead. Where possible, supply chain materials are sourced from US suppliers that used recycled materials.

BoldVu® Means Proven

BoldVu® is trusted by companies large and small for their outdoor display needs. More than 25,000 displays across 200+ cities around the globe have proven their ability for sustained performance in harsh environments.

“MRI is the benchmark of quality in outdoor digital signage, and for that reason we rely on their industry leading BoldVu displays.”

Michael Verlatti, ISMConnect

“We did extensive research to find the best displays in terms of lifespan, brightness and connectivity, and we are very pleased with our selection of MRI.”

John Kilfeather, Ocean Outdoor

“MRI provides first class outdoor interactive digital displays that provide supreme vibrancy and unmatched 10-year performance.”

Steven McFarland, RoveiQ

“MRI is highly capable and flexible in their ability to design and deliver display solutions that fit our requirements, that’s why we like using their product.”

Kurt Wilson, Intersection

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